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We're committed to your health and happiness, so you can live at your 100%.


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nutrient IV therapy.


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About Micole Neely, MD, MBA

Dr. Neely attended John Brown University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Health Science in 2002. She then earned a Master of Medical Science at A.T. Still University in 2007 and worked as a physician assistant in emergency medicine. In 2015, she earned her Medical Doctorate from International University of the Health Sciences. Then in January 2022 she completed a Master of Business Administration from Grand Canyon University.


Dr. Neely lives life with energy and passion. She loves to help others and make an impact on lives. She chose the name Aafiyya because it comes from the Swahili word meaning health. In Arabic it means “healthy and strong, free of disease” and is derived from the Arabic root, “to forgive, to cure.” She wants to her wellness center to be the embodiment of Aafiyya.

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